California Alliance of HealthCare Professionals and Insurance Agents

A California approach to transforming purpose, people, positioning + with funding.


Healthcare Consulting for Professionals

Our team of partnerships offer critical steps throughout California, creating paths to your goals. Fully certified and trained economic specialist, are at your finger tips.

Shaping the future begins with your heart.


Helping Insurance Agents shift quickly toward offerings & growth for each of their clients.
Creating an outbound strategy & efficiencies for dedicated Organizations.
Implementing programs structured for California Residents during crisis emergencies.
Revenue Coaching and leadership training for your business growth
Developing strategy for economic resources
Improving sales efficiency with development training

About us

California Alliance of HealthCare Professionals and Insurance Agents, a voice to unite California professionals. Started in 2021 with private funding projects for the underserved who had no voice and little options to serve the general public. CAHCP in 2022 has joined with over 1000 HealthCare Professionals and Insurance Agents, for one common cause “Let’s bring equality back Into the California’s insurance industry”.


Bridging the gap is our number #1 goal, starting in summer of 2022, we are implementing our homeless retrieval program. Thousands of handicap citizens found themselves homeless after the pandemic and with poor health conditions. Our goal is to provide free medical exams and doctor referrals to our partners, as well assist with uniting families.

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